SAM by Singpost FAQ

1. Where can I pay?
Click here to view SingPost's SAM kiosk locations.
2. Do I need to pay extra?
No, you just need to pay the exact purchase amount.
3. Do I need to provide any slip?
No, this is a totally automated payment process and the system will update the merchant your payment status.
4. When should I make the payment after I have placed an order?
The payment must be made within 48 hrs after you have placed an order with any MOLPay merchants.
5. Who should I contact for payment verification?
You can either contact the online merchant directly or email to MOLPay support team.
6. How to pay via SAM?
STEP 1 : on the touch screen, select "Pay Bills"
STEP 2 : on the touch screen, select "Others"
STEP 3 : on the touch screen, select "MOLPay"
STEP 4 : Read the T&C then touch the "OK" button
STEP 5 : Enter 10 digit Tran ID and then touch the "OK" button
STEP 6 : Enter 4 digit PCode and then touch the "OK" button
STEP 7 : Wait for system processing
STEP 8 : Check and ensure the information displayed on the screen is correct, then touch "OK" button
STEP 9 : on the touch screen, select "NETS" to make payment using NETS card
STEP 10 : insert NETS card into the machine and key in PIN
STEP 11 : payment status will be displayed on screen
STEP 12 : collect the receipt from machine
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